Unit 5


Learning Outcomes

  1. Employing the right tools for evaluating the environmental consequences of our economic decisions.


While doing the reading, focus on these three questions:

  1. How can we measure consumption footprint?
  2. Is growth compatible with sustainability?
  3. What incentives should be used to curb consumption?
  • Dependence, Footprint, and Measure:
    Tukker, A., Bulavskaya, T., Giljum, S., de Koning, A., Lutter, S., Simas, M., ... & Wood, R. (2016). Environmental and resource footprints in a global context: Europe’s structural deficit in resource endowments. Global Environmental Change, 40, 171-181.
  • Dirty Input:
    Acemoglu, D., Aghion, P., Bursztyn, L., & Hemous, D. (2012). The environment and directed technical change. American economic review, 102(1), 131-66.
  • Economics Growth:
    Georgescu-Roegen, N. (1986). The entropy law and the economic process in retrospect. Eastern Economic Journal, 12(1), 3-25.


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Make use of the Reading material and Online References provided above.

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