Unit 3


Learning Outcomes

  1. Using their appreciation of how stabilization policies condition the general environment in which business firms operate, students will be able to make informed decision about the suitability of a location for a business endeavour.
  2. Students will be able to advise firms on the business complications arising from government stabilization policies?


While doing the reading, focus on these three questions:

  1. What is the difference between fiscal and monetary policy?
  2. What are the tools and effect of fiscal policy?
  3. What are the tools and effect of monetary policy?
  • Brander, J.A.Government Policy Towards Business, 5th Edition. Wiley.


Test your knowledge of Monetary theory. You can submit the quiz only once. Your quiz will not be submitted until you press the submit button at the end of the quiz.

For convenience, there is a pdf version of the quiz provided in the sidebar on the left of the quiz screen.

To do the quiz, click on the quiz link in the course outline.

Test 3

The test must be submitted on the due date. Not before. Not after. In addition, your assessment must be emailed in html or pdf. Use your student ID to name the file e.g. 123456789.pdf

Make use of the Reading material and Online References provided above.

Follow the link for a pdf version of test 3 course outline.




Partly Competent



-Within time window

-Follows the instructions

-At least one instruction was not followed

-More than one of the basic instructions were not followed


Provides compelling and accurate evidence that convinces the reader to accept main argument. The importance/relevance of all pieces of evidence is clearly stated.

Provides necessary evidence to convince the reader of most aspects of the main argument but not all. The importance/relevance of some evidence presented may not be totally clear.

Not enough evidence is provided to support claim’s argument, or evidence is incomplete, incorrect, or oversimplified.


Evidence is clearly supported by reliable sources.

Evidence is somewhat supported, but student does not clearly identifies the sources. Sources used are primarily non-scholarly.

No depth, or does not go beyond what has been provided by a basic wiki page.

Overall Impression

Student directly addresses main issue, and adds new insight to the subject not provided in a basic wiki page.

Student competently addresses main issue, but does not add much new insight into the subject. That said, it is clear that the student is able to communicate her findings.

Student attempts to address main issue, but fails. The student have communicated some information, but does not fully understand its meaning or context and cannot clearly convey it to others.


Professional in appearance

Satisfactory in appearance

Effort required to improve appearance