Hone your R skills by doing problems.

The assignment is due next Friday (24 November) and you are encouraged to work in group and to hand in a single copy for the group.

1 Nanaimo housing

Table ‘’ gives the size of the floor area (area) and the price (price), for houses listed in the Nanaimo area in 2015. Load these data into a data frame.

1.1 Create an area (use the ‘area’ variable) histogram.

1.2 Break out the histogram of house area by type.

1.3 Create a histogram of house area and use zoning to colour the histogram bars.

1.4 Create a scatterplot (geom_point) of house area vs. land area, and colour the points by type.

2 Temperature in Saudi Arabia

Scrape the data table from Wiki and create a data frame. Clean up the data, e.g. rename variables.

2.1 Create a Cleveland Dot Plot to show Record High by Month.

2.2 Put Record High on x-axis.

Order Month according to the value of Record High, size the points according to precipitation.

2.3 Ensure the axis labels are human readable.

2.4 Colour the points according Record Low.